Funding the programme

HHWET enhancement projects will cost approximately $6M for capital expenditure and annual operating costs are estimated to be a maximum of $2M.

To date, funding for the project has come from:

  • Environment Canterbury (ECan)
  • Ashburton District Council (ADC)
  • Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)
  • The Provincial Growth Fund (PGF)
  • Hekeao/Hinds Plains landowners (via a Targeted Environmental Rate)
  • MHV Water (in kind)
  • Central South Island Fish & Game (in kind)
  • Rangitata Diversion Race Management – RDRML (in kind)
  • Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation – BCI
  • Eiffelton Community Group Irrigation Scheme
  • Hinds Independent Groundwater Users