Funding the programme

MAR will cost approximately $6M for capital expenditure and annual operating costs are estimated to be a maximum of $2M.

To date funding for the project has come from:

  • Environment Canterbury
  • The Provincial Growth Fund
  • MHV Water (in kind)
  • Central South Island Fish & Game (in kind)
  • Rangitata Diversion Race Management – RDRML (in kind)
  • Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation – BCI
  • Eiffelton Community Group Irrigation Scheme
  • Hinds Independent Groundwater Users

We can not recover costs from those individuals and businesses that are responsible for the historic issues and doing nothing is not an option.

Funding for the scheme will be from a combination of sources based on “who benefits”. This could look like the following

Capital Expenditure

  • National contribution
  • Regional Rates
  • Local rates (ADC or ECan)
  • Benefiting landowners

Operating Costs

  • Local rates (ADC or ECan)
  • Benefiting landowners

These decisions will be consulted on with the local community and you will have the chance to participate and provide feedback.